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Bar La Fierté - BAR & RESTO : Top restaurant in Lomé, Togo

The best Bar Restaurant in Agoè 2 lions, Lomé, Togo.

More than just a bar-restaurant: the Bar-Restaurant which is the Fierty of all Agoè and its vicinity

Since 2018, at the Restaurant, we serve fine traditional Togolese delicacies to our faithful citizens, expatriates and tourists in a stunning beauty in the company of nature. As for the Bar, it proposes you a very varied choice of beverages, alcoholic or not, manufactured or artisanal, and always in the pure respect of the Togolese traditions.

Our restaurant in Lomé has the charming particularity that no other restaurant can claim to have so far to have several menus, some fixed and others variable.

menu menu (fixed dishes)

a daily choice menu (which varies daily)

Clients' orders (based on what the clients have requested)

Very specialised in the preparation of typical Togolese and very African dishes, our meals are prepared on site with fresh products. When you have to eat, you have to eat well and not do it in half measure
Address: 656Q+Q8 Lomé, Togo.
Bar-resto located in Agoe anomé in front of the hotel la maison blanche Bar La Fierté, Lomé, Togo

Telephone : +228 96269191

656Q+Q8 Lomé, Togo